(Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Driver Status Monitoring Systems)

ADAS and DSM System is a product geared towards scenarios in commercial vehicles. Based on deep-learning technology, the product is equipped with Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and driver fatigue monitoring, greatly reducing accidents and saving lives.


The Advanced Driver Assistive System (ADAS) module involves the mounting of the hardware in the front of the vehicle. In the event the vehicle approaches too close of the vehicle in font, an alert will notify the driver to slow down or prepare to stop.

The ADAS is safety solution for collision prevention and mitigation. The system includes a smart camera located on the front windshield inside the vehicle. It utilizes SmartComm vehicle, lane, traffic signs and pedestrian detection technologies to detect traffic signs, measure the distance to vehicles, lane markings and pedestrians, providing the driver with lifesaving alerts.

When ADAS Camera detects a potential risk, such as collision with the vehicle in front, vehicles distance is too close, or accidental deviation from its lane, the system will voice-alert the driver to take actions. DSM Camera will identify the driver’s abnormal behaviors, such as fatigue driving, distracted driving, smoking, making telephone calls, drinking water, and not wearing seat belt. It will also verify the driver’s identity via the face recognition algorithm.


  • Daylight Pedestrian Collision Warning, including Bicycle Detection
  • Forward Collision Warning, both in Highway and Urban areas, including Motorcycle Detection
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Driving behavior recording and analysis

Judging from the relative time to collision, the system will warn the driver when the host vehicle is too close to the vehicle ahead, allowing him to take measures in FCW has 2 levels: level 1 means the vehicle ahead is too close and level 2 means the vehicle ahead is extremely dangerous.Start Speed: vehicle speed > 15km/h)

The system will notify the driver of a pedestrian/ cyclist/ motorcycle driver in the danger zone, and alert drivers of an imminent collision with a pedestrian, cyclist or motorcycle driver. Note that PCW feature will be closed from 20:00 PM to 06:00Start Speed: 1km/h < vehicle speed < 30km/h

When the vehicle is veering off the current road lane without turning on cornering lamp, the system will issue an alert to Note that LDW system can detect both full line and dotted line.Start Speed: vehicle speed > 50km/h

Based on a driver facing infrared camera and advanced technology sensor, the system can understand driver’s basic face When it detects a dangerous face incident, it will issue an alert to driver. Recognizable facial behaviors as:

  • Driver eye closed
  • Driver yawn
  • Driver Facing Camera
  • Driver distracted
  • Driver stare on the phone
  • No driver detected (option)
  • Camera blocked (customization)
  • Note that there must be longer than 10 seconds time interval between any two abnormal driver face state.


  • Take advantage of deep learning algorithm to detect the state of the driver and front cars. Alarms are triggered in dangerous situations.
  • Alarm data can be uploaded to fleet management platform, enhancing driving safety management.
  • Applicable to various commercial vehicles, such as bus, coach, freight vehicles, dangerous goods transport vehicles and school bus.


  • Full Function:  simultaneous analysis of front cars and driver behaviors
  • High Precision: world-leading deep learning algorithm. Precision excelled similar aftermarket installed products in the domestic and foreigh markets
  • High Stability: automotive-grade chip, high stability and good heat dissipation
  • Detailed Alarms: inlcude driver identity, time, location, front and rear images, short video
  • Good Expansibility: support serial port communication with other on-board devices and connect to fleet management platform over 4G.
  • Upgradeable: optimize existing features and add new features quickly with OTA technology.


  • Driver Identity Verification
    Verify driver identity by comparing the real-time image of the driver with images in the database. Alarms are triggered when identity verification failed.
  • Driver Fatigue Detection
    Steadily detect fatigue driving states such as yawning and eye closing, and combine these states to monitor the evolution of drowsiness.
  • Dangerous Driving Behavoirs
    Monitor dangerous driving behaviors: making phone calls, smoking, drinking water.  Other bad behaviors such  as looking down at cellphone, not wearing safety belt will be added in the future. Users can enable the any of the functions.
  • Distraction Warning
    Steadily detect the key features of the face to construct model and judge direction of the face. Send out alarms when the eye direction keeps deviating from the front. 


  • Forward Collision Warning
    Detect front cars in real time, caculate estimated time to collision based on the current speed and send out alarms when the estimated time is below the threshold value.
  • Distance Monitoring
    Alarms are triggered when the distance is too close with front cars, reminding the driver to keep a safe distance. Distance is represented by time with threshold value adjustable.
  • Lane Departure Warning
    Monitor the current lane and motion trail of the vehicle in real time. Alarms are sent out when the vehicle veer off the lane without turning on the turn signal lamp.


  1. Forward collision avoidance warning
  2. Lane departure warning


Dimensions Main Part (forward facing camera) 150*80*45mm
Inside Camera 87*45*26mm
CAN Box 100*60*28mm
Platform Chip MTK
CPU Cortex-A53 ,4-Core,1.5GHz
Network Type 4G/3G/2G full netcom
Forward Facing Camera Resolution 1920*1080px
H.fov 50 degree
DOF pitch angle adjustable
Inside Camera Resolution 1280*720px
H.fov 90 degree
Image Direction Vertical
DOF 2DOF adjustable
CAN Box Driving Speed accurate to 1km/h
Turn Signal Lamp yes
Electric Parameter Supply Voltage two versions: 22-36V, 11.3V-36V
Working Voltage DC 9-32V
Limit Voltage DC36V
Average Working Voltage <300mA @DC 24V
Sleep Current <10mA @DC 12V
Others TF Card TF MAX.256GB
Loudspeaker 2W
Working Tempreture Working Tempreture  -10 ~ 70 ℃