SmartComm Electronics Pte Ltd is a dynamic IOT company that specializes in bespoke Real- Time Telematics Solutions and customized software. Leveraging on Technology and in-house innovations, we help our customers to perform better; to be more cost efficient, work smarter and safer.

At the age where the mass has come to a conscious that internet is the solution to everything, our team has provided many unique solutions that can solve various industrial problems which are commonly faced in everyday life.

SmartComm Electronics envision ourselves to be the leading IoT solution provider in the world to come first on the list. Driven by creative ideas, we transform abstract concepts into practical action to solve our customer’s problems. We see increase the productivity and safety of our industry partners who leverage our creative solutions as our end goal. At SmartComm Electronics, we never stop innovating.

Incorporated in August 2008, we have developed many innovative solutions that have been deployed and through our partners and clients around the world on the below services and solutions:

Our services include:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) solutions
  • Hardware & Software services
  • Smart Body Worn Camera Total Solution 4.0
  • Video GPS Tracking Fleet Management System
  • ADAS & DSM System
  • Vehicle Maintenance & Operations Data Manager (VMO)
  • Outdoor/Indoor Asset Tracking
  • Smart-Route Optimization Planning, Delivery Acknowledgement Mechanism
  • 360 Bird View System For Vehicles
  • Temperature Management Solution
  • Software Development & Consultant Service