Container Tracking Solution


Tanker business continue to expand at a rapid rate taking advantage of new technologies. Cost of operation is getting higher and the operation more complex. Advancements in industrial technology, changes in business models and tighter regulatory constraints necessitate closer monitoring, more remote control and maintenance of equipment, and more offloading of tasks and personnel from worldwide locations. . As technology evolved, people and enterprise wanted to use these new technology to safeguard their asset and keep their operation cost low. These trends greatly increase demand for capacity for a better tracking communication system. Our company recognise the need for a much more cost-effective solution to help enterprise on their daily operation as compare using traditional satellite communications tracking.

CONTAINER tracker with a rechargeable battery lifespan that can last for 5 years with single messaging per day. Tanker owner save cost on maintenance and ensure long shipment is always trackable whenever, wherever they are with the access of internet or phone application.

container_tracking_01   container_tracking_02


  • Longer lasting Battery
  • Worldwide Roaming
  • Compact in size
  • Easy installation with tampered prove feature.
  • Powerful & customized software
  • Efficient & Reliable
  • Weather Prove IP67
  • Build-In Motion Sensor



Powerful Software

With our powerful and easy to use software, we can track the location of the tanker with a click of a mouse at the back end. It is make possible using a global roaming SIMCARD inserted into the device. Communication can be through GSM/GPRS or HSPA. A tampered proof motion sensor was also install into the device and an alert will sound the user when the device was attempted to be remove by anyone. Depending on the user, phone application can be included on Android or Iphone so you can track the statue of the tank anytime, anywhere.

Tracking Make Easy




 Working Temperature  -30 ~ 75 Degree C
 Weight  1 Kg
 Dimension  55 X 55 X 260  mm
 Communication  GSM/GPRS/SMS  Global SIM Card
 Material  Hardened Industrial Plastic  Water Proof IP 67