CPU Module

CM100-CORE CPU Module is designed and released in Dec 2010, this CPU module build-in power supply circuits, crystal oscillator, DDR2 SDRAM, NandFlash and Telechips high performance ARM11 CPU: TCC8900, it also can compatible with TCC8902 and TCC8901. CM100-CORE CPU CORE has high performance and good quality; it’s your good choice for embedded product design.


  • Total 240pin, 08mm pin pitch: 6 power supply pins, 32 GND pins and 202 signal pins, all high speed signal pins, include difference signal and clocks, are separated by GND for good signal EMI/EMC.
  • There are 3.0V, 1.8V and 1.42V power supply circuit build-in CPU Module to simplify the power supply circuits design in external main board, with carefully PCB layout for low power noise and low ripple.
  • The CPU Module also support external 1.8V and 1.42V power supply directly input, in case customer use PMIC solution in external main board.
  • CPU Module support CPU switch and run at 720MHz and 508MHz dynamically.
  • The default size of DDR2 SDRAM and NandFlash is 256MB, customer can order for other size.
  • CPU Module PCB is carefully designed, total 8 layers: 3 GND layers, one power layer, 4 signal layers, each signal layer have one GND layer companied, the bottom layer is GND layer, the top side will be covered with shield cover for best EMI/EMC performance.
  • The DDR2 SDRAM signals are good PCB Layout according to the DDR2 Layout rule to make the hardware stable and reliability.
  • The different signals of LVDS, HDMI, SATA and USB are carefully be layout according to high speed different signal Layout rule for good performance.
  • The 3 GND layers and shield cover can be used as good path for heat dissipation, the heat dissipation performance is very good.
  • The most difficult circuits of DDR2 SDRAM and power supply circuits are designed and PCB Layout in CPU Module, so the main board’s design will be simple and easy and make it easy to succeed at first time to save money.
  • 4 layers PCB design of main board is enough by using CPU Module, it will save main board’s BOM cost and speed up time to market, so the CPU Module is one product, which is worthy of confidence.
  • CM100-CORE CPU Module has powerful function, good performance, high extensibility and flexibility, good stable and reliability; it’s your good choice.
  • CM100-CORE CPU Module support Linux 2.6.28; Windows CE 6.0; Android 2.1 OS.

Hardware Specification


  • Telechips TCC8900, up to 720MHz@1.42V.
  • 65nm CMOS Process ARM1176JZF-S architecture processor.
  • Full HD (1920×1080) video decoding (H.264, MPEG 1/2, MPEG 4 , VC-1,
    Real Video 8/9/10, H.263).
  • 1280×720 video encoding (H.263, MPEG 4, H.264).
  • Support 2D/3D graphic acceleration (ARM’s Mali200) with Open VG 1.1 and Open GL ES 1.1/2.0, also support Overlay Mixer function.
  • Open OS Support: Linux 2.6.28, Windows CE 6.0 and Android 2.1.
  • CM100-CORE CPU Module also can support TCC8902 and TCC8901 chips


  • 256MB DDR2 SDRAM (32bit data bus)
  • 256MB NandFlash (8bit data bus, can support SLC & MLC)
    ( Option for 2GB to 32GB )


  • 52mm(length) x 50mm(width) x 3mm(thickness) without shied cover 52mm(length) x 50mm(width) x 4.5mm(thickness) with shied cover


  • SMD type with half stamp holes on PCB quad side, total 240 pin, 0.8mm pin pitch.

Operation Temperature

  • Default: 0°C to 70°C,Can Support -40°C to 85°C if customer order

Power Supply

  • CPU’s IO, NandFlash and others: < 200mA@3.3V
  • CPU CORE: < 1.3W@(2.5V~5.5V) or < 800mA@1.42V (720MHz)
  • DDR2 SDRAM: < 1.2W@(2.5V~5.5V) or < 600mA@1.8V
  • CPU’s RTC (RTC Backup Battery): < 50uA@(1.8V~3.3V)

Target Application

  • STB, 3G Wireless DVR, Wireless WiFi Camera, PVR, PMP, Connected Portable Navigator, Car AV / AVN, Jukebox
  • GND
  • 1.42V DC/DC
  • USB 1.1 HostSignals
  • HDD* Signals
  • 3.0V LDO
  • USB OTG Signals
  • SATA Signals
  • HDMISignals
  • LVDSSignals
  • SD5 Signals
  • JTAG Signals
  • RESET Signal
  • 1.8V DC/DC
  • DDR2 SDRAM (256MB)
  • I2Cx Signals
  • Boot Mode Signals
  • GPIO Signals
  • 12MHz OSC
  • 32.768KHz OSC
  • 25MHz OSC
  • 27MHz OSC
  • Pin 1
  • Pin 240
  • CPU (TCC890x,720MHz)
  • NandFlash (256MB)
  • SD4Signals
  • CAM*Signals
  • Pin 60
  • Pin 61
  • Pin 121
  • Pin 180
  • Pin 181
  • GPIO Signals
  • TP Signals
  • UARTx Signals
  • Audio Codec Signals
  • ETH* Signals
  • EDI_DxSignals
  • LCD*Signals
  • PWR_ENSignal
  • 3.3VVin
  • VDD12DDC/DC Vin
  • VDD18DDC/DC Vin
  • ADC Signals