Fuel Tank Monitoring / Dispenser Solution



SmartComm developed an integrated solution for Fuel Monitoring on Stationary & Mobile Tanks that can be retrofitted to any industry standard flow meters and pumps.  In its most basic form the Drivers / users need to tap / swipe a smart card on a panel, which will allow them to fill the diesel. The system captures the total fuel pumped-in by the Driver / user and transfers it to an administration Server. Optionally Vehicles may also be fitted with additional smart card and Drivers could be asked to key-in security PIN code in order to start the pump.

The system would be combination of the following devices:

  • A Fuel Pump System with Electronic pump and digital flow meter
  • A panel containing smart card reader, and big LCD display
  • Optional a 3G wireless communications unit.
  • Smart Cards for Driver identification
  • Optional a centralized administration software
  • Software for Smart Cards programming and top up with POS terminal.
  • Customized Reports
  • POS terminal system for Vehicle Identification and Top up money into Smart Card using Smart Card reader.
  • Optional real-time Video recording during each pumping event(3G uploading by Mobile DVR V210).

Achieving Fuel Consumption Protection With FuelGuard Solution



  • Supports multiple tanks from a Single Administration Server
  • Connectivity by Wi-Fi network for Static Tanks and by GSM/3G network for Mobile tanks.
  • Can be retrofitted to any compatible pumps (industry standard)
  • Inbuilt relay to support alternate pumps
  • Support for pumps and flow meters
  • Supports one dispenser gun

Tested and Proven Hardware Design:

  • Simple to Install and Maintain
  • Automatic Tank Gauge interface
  • Intake fuel pump integration
  • Electronic Fuse power isolation
  • Multiple self-checking watch dogs

Powerful Windows Administration Software:

  • Manage and Monitor Tanks (Fuel level, drop alerts etc)
  • Manage Flow Control Units
  • Manage Users & Vehicles
  • Manage Groups
  • Manage pump Timings (Startup, Shut off and inactivity timings)
  • Email Alerts for any exceptions
  • Extensive Reporting


 Fuel Supply Monitoring Knowing real numbers and fuel supply
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 Fuel Consumption Knowing when and how much fuel been
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Fuel consumption abuse by unahthorized personal in
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 Fuel Consumption Abuse Alerting Act in real time and prevent further
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 Centralized Management Centralized monitoring logging and alerting Local management can provide local abuse to the

 A Complete Solution With FuelGuard

  • Real-Time Constant Fuel Measurements
  • Easy To Use and Implement
  • Alerting Policy According To The Specific Usage
  • Multi Sites Management
  • 2G GPRS Wireless Access
  • SMS Alerting
  • Remote Management
  • Centralized Management and Reporting
  • A Fully Integrated Solution