2.4GHz Technology With Cloud Based Monitoring System. It is low cost, low power, blind zone free and high throughput tracking system


  • Warehouse
  • School
  • Senior House
  • Shopping Mall
  • Hospital



  • Each tag location within 5 meters accuracy. System works with modern browser (HTML5), includes all type of PCs and smart phone/tablet. It let you monitor and track your objects in real time.
  • System is able to handle up to 1,000 tags simultaneously.

Electronic Fences

  • Support multi Maps (floors / zones) and multi Electronic fences setting from near, middle, far. Alert events can be triggered by each e-fence from AP or hardware (Node).
  • Easy installation with drag and drop Maps into the App.

Emergency Call Alert & Page Tag

  • Panic button can be monitored by the system for Emergency call.
  • Within coverage areas, managing system or control person can page each tag (or group of tags) for warning or assistance request.

Tracking Path

  • Use modern web browser to login to the monitoring system and track your objects within system cover areas and record all the data.


System (Included Monitoring
Module, 8GB SD card with
Node module Tag Unit
  • Cover ranger: Depend on
    Ethernet cover range
  • Tag number: Max. 1000
  • Node number: Max. 256
  • The response time: 3~8 seconds.
  • Power consumption: 5V, 500mA
  • Cover range: Max. 50 meters
    at indoor / outdoors
  • Cover tags: Max. 64
  • AC power + 24 hours DC
    power backup
  • Power consumption: 5V, 25mA
  • Broadcast distance: Max. 50 meters
  • Battery CR 2032 : 100 days (for
    24 hour a day)