Indoor Object Tracking Solution


2.4GHz Technology With Cloud Based Monitoring System. It is low cost, low power, blind zone free and high throughput tracking system


  • Warehouse
  • School
  • Senior House
  • Shopping Mall
  • Hospital


  • Each tag location within 5 meters accuracy. System works with modern browser (HTML5), includes all type of PCs and smart phone/tablet. It let you monitor and track your objects in real time.
  • System is able to handle up to 1,000 tags simultaneously.
Electronic Fences
  • Support multi Maps (floors / zones) and multi Electronic fences setting from near, middle, far. Alert events can be triggered by each e-fence from AP or hardware (Node).
  • Easy installation with drag and drop Maps into the App.
Emergency Call Alert & Page Tag
  • Panic button can be monitored by the system for Emergency call.
  • Within coverage areas, managing system or control person can page each tag (or group of tags) for warning or assistance request.
Tracking Path
  • Use modern web browser to login to the monitoring system and track your objects within system cover areas and record all the data.


INDOOR_001 indoor_002 indoor_003
System (Included Monitoring
Module, 8GB SD card with
Node module Tag Unit
  • Cover ranger: Depend on
    Ethernet cover range
  • Tag number: Max. 1000
  • Node number: Max. 256
  • The response time: 3~8 seconds.
  • Power consumption: 5V, 500mA
  • Cover range: Max. 50 meters
    at indoor / outdoors
  • Cover tags: Max. 64
  • AC power + 24 hours DC
    power backup
  • Power consumption: 5V, 25mA
  • Broadcast distance: Max. 50 meters
  • Battery CR 2032 : 100 days (for
    24 hour a day)