embiStation Shielded


Product Description

embiStation Shielded

Performance, quality and reliability meet industrial RFID needs. This reader is specifically designed for applications needing confinement and accuracy.

embiStation Shielded is specifically designed to be made for precision. Embistation SH is easy to install and configure. The industrial reader’s simple connection facilitates its integration in existing environments. The robust metal structure hosting four high performance and reliable antennas is designed to reach the best container reading performances.

The metal shield isolates the reading zone from the external world allowing to make precise and reliable reading.


  • Plug & Play: Using an Ethernet static or DHCP connection, embistation communicates with existing customer network. embiStation SH is delivered with embitools, a dedicated software to directly and immediatly pilot the reader.
  • Robust and Reliable: embistation is tested and H qualified for industrial environments. Antennas are
    positionned to maximise reading performance.
  • High Performance: reading throughput is improved using dynamic antenna switching and low duty cycle.
  • Confined Structure: embiStation SH is isolated from the external environment. Its confined reading zone allows precise and advanced reading functions such as bulk encoding, bulk killing or high reliabilty detec- tion of dense or stacked items.


RFID UHF Frequency UHF 860- 960 MHz, region dependent
USA1M1- For countries adhering to US standards
EU11M1- For countries adhering to EU standards
GX11M1- For use in Brazil, Latin America, Hong Kong,
Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore,
Thailand and Taiwan
GX21M1- For use in China, Korea and South Africa
JP21M1- For use in Japan
RFID UHF Chip Compatibility EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 (IS O 18000-6C) with anti-collision
RFID UHF Output Power +10.00 to +32.5 dbm, region dependent
RFID UHF Antenna Circularly polarized panel antenna in the 865-960 MHz frequency band,
the antenna is housed in a heavy duty radome enclosure.
User Interface Status LEDs
Power Sources +24 VDC @ 1A (External DC Power)
Mechanical Specification Design for drop to concrete from desk
Operating Temperature -20°C to +50°C / 5% to 95%, non-condensing
Dimensions (HxWxD) 81 x 87 x 130 cm
Reading Area (HxWxD) 59 x 65 x 81 cm