GPS/3G/GPRS Tracker
Model: GG900


Product Description



GG900 tracker is a GPS/ 3G/ GPRS based tracking device designed for heavy motorbike, intercity bus,school bus and fleet management And support WCDMA 3 G network.

It has built-in terminals of GPS module and GSM communication module, which are used for getting the location data and send it to authorized phone number via SMS, and tracking through free maps Google Earth or Google Map; at the same time, the GSM module can be sent data to the internet server, which can realize the checking, monitoring and managing of the device on computer.

Tracker has the following features and functions:

  • 3G Accelerometer
  • Hit Alarm
  • Tracking Regularly
  • Geo-fence Alarm
  • Over Speed Alarm
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • SOS Emergency Calling
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • No GPS signal alarm
  • Build in 1GB memory IC
  • Internal battery 750mAh
  • Tracking by distance
  • Build in 8MB flash memory
  • GPS antenna cut off alarm
  • External power cut off alarm
  • Fuel/engine cut off remotely
  • Camera for taking photograph (optional)
  • Navigation LCD panel (optional)
  • RFID card reader (optional)
  • Tracking by SMS/GPRS (TCP/UDP)
  • Remotely monitoring or two-way
  • Two ways(DS18B20)temperature
    measurement (optional)
  • Three digital outputs, three digital inputs
    and two analog inputs, four RS232 ports,
    one RS485 port

Specification and Parameter

Items Specification
Power Supply DC 9-33V/1.5A
Backup Battery Rechargeable battery 750mAh (3.7V)
Normal Power Consumption 70mA
Size 84 mm*66 mm*30 mm
Weight 135g
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +55°C
Humidity 5% ~ 95% (Non-condensing)
GSM Frequency
(Telit UE910 3G Modem)
* Two types of modules, when using, must confirm local 2 g (GSM)
and the frequency of 3 g (WCDMA)
GPS Sensitivity -161dB
GPS Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz
C/A Code 1.023 MHz
Channel 50 Channels
Positional Accuracy <10 M, 2D RMS
Speed accuracy 0.1 M/S
Time Accuracy Satellite Time: 1 Microsecond Time Synchronization
Turnover Time Average 0.1s
Hot Start Average 1s
Warm Start Average 3s
Cold Start Average 37s
Maximum Altitude 18,000M (Maximum 60,000 Feet)
Maximum Speed 500 m/s (Maximum 1000 Knots).
Maximum Acceleration Less Than 4g
Working Time About 7 hours
LED 3 LED Lights To Show Power, GPS and GSM Status
Button SOS button for making phone calls, sending position
and giving a warning SMS
Port 3 Digital Outputs
3 Digital Inputs
2 Analog Inputs
4 RS232 Ports
1 RS485 Port