GPS Personal Tracker
Model: GG111


Product Description

GG111 is a light weight, small size, easy use GPS/GPRS personal tracker with low power consumption, long standby time, two ways communication functions.

GG111 specially applies for elderly/kids tracking, personnel management, assert tracking, vehicle positioning, etc.

With internal GPS(Global Position System) and GSM terminal module, GG111 can send its position data located by GPS chipset to the authorized cell phone, display its accurate position on cell phone via free Google Earth or Google Map for GPS map positioning; Also can send the data to server on the Internet via GPRS for its remote checking, monitoring and management.

GG111 supports three working modes: personal mode, smart mode, vehicle mode.

Please use personal mode if faced enough open sky and track for long time up to 15 hours; and please use smart mode if faced not very open sky (with many building around) and track for less than 14 hours; and please use vehicle mode if track vehicle, and keep in mind that it is better to hide it on a place with good GPS signal (suppose put it Under the windshield).


  • 2 ways communication
  • Long distances monitor
  • Definite time track
  • SOS emergency alarm
  • Real time location track
  • Geo-fence
  • Over speed Alarm
  • Authorize number
  • Low battery alarm
  • GPS dead zone alarm
  • Battery query
  • GOOGLE LINK reply