TTS-MobilePro & TTS-MobileUltra

Portable thermal imaging camera is a very flexible and affordable body temperature measurement solution.

Product Description


Non-contact, High Accuracy, Built-in Battery

Portable thermal imaging camera is a very flexible and affordable body temperature measurement solution. It can be handheld by a person, or mount on a tripod for visitors and employees to measure temperature by themselves. The measurement accuracy can be ±0.5℃ (0.9 ℉) from 2m (6.6ft) away. This kind of devices have been widely used in retail stores, restaurants, small businesses, warehouse, hospitals, apartment buildings, etc. Even after this pandemic, this device can be used for HVAC / plumber / warehouse inspections to increase your ROI.




  • High measurement accuracy : 0.5oC (0.9oF)
  • Automatically beep warning when detected temperature exceeds 3.7.3oC (99.1oF)
  • Thermal imaging resilution: 80 x 80px, 7.5mm Lens
  • 20ms fast screening without personal contact
  • Easy setup, no expertise is required
  • Rechargeable battery, continuous working up to 8 hours
  • Rugged design, 2 moters (6.5 feet) drop resistance
  • Come with a Tablet with 7” touch screen (supported in TTM-MobileUltra)
  • Multi-person measurement (supported in TTM-MobileUltra)
  • Face detection and accurately measure forehead temperature ( supported in TTM-MobileUltra)
  • Output to HDMI TV (supported in TTM-MobileUltra)


Thermography Model TTS-MobilePro
Max. Resolution 80 × 80
Response waveband 8~14μm
Pixel Pitch 34um
NETD < 0.1℃/30℃(80°F)/100mk
Focal length 7.5mm
Field of View 21°×21°
Aperture F1.0
Thermometry Accuracy ±0.5 ℃ or 0.9 ℉
Temperature Range 32.0℃ ~ 42℃ (89.6 ℉ ~ 107.6 ℉)
Measurement Unit celsius or fahrenheit
High temperature sound alarm support
Other Frame rate 50Hz
LCD Screen 2 inches touch screen, 240×320 resolution
Image mode Iron red, rainbow, off-white,off-white
Image format BMP format with temperature measurement data
Power interface Direct charging (power adapter)
Battery type Lithium battery, 8 hours of continuous operation
Power management Adjustable; off, 5, 15, 30 minutes
Bluetooth support
Working temperature -20℃~50℃
Humidity 10%~90%
Storage Temperature -40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ (-40℉ ~ 158 ℉)
Drop Resistance 2 meters (6.5ft)