Hard Disk Mobile DVR (Automative is a cost-effective, multi-functional device designed for video surveillance and remote monitoring of your mobile assets. It uses a high-speed processor, an embedded Linux platform, and the most advanced technology in the IT field, such as H.264 Video Compression/Decompression, 3G/4G network transmission technology and GPS positioning technologies. MDVR can realize four/eight channel video recoding. Each channel  supports HD1, D1 and HD IP Camera image solution. Drivers’ driving information, GPS data and alarm data are recorded in hard disk which is used as the storage medium. The MDVR may look simple in its exterior design, provide powerful  auto black box features, installation flexibility and high reliability.

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Public bus as an important transportation tool for people goes out. We can see each period, every bus line and station’s passenger flow data through bus passenger flow statistics. This statistic data helps us utilize the public resources fully by using the intelligent dispatching system. The accuracy of passenger flow statistics affects the intelligent transportation system operation and the bus operation efficiency directly.

Our Intelligent Vehicle People Counting System adopts our advanced intelligent video analysis algorithm, detect and analyze live body (head and shoulder) shape through video, and analyze the number of people in/out in the setting area, to achieve related number statistic and record. The accuracy can achieve 90% ~95% under standard environment. It can be widely used in statistics and limitation of the living body of the occasion, manager to provide real-time, intuitive, and accurate traffic date, moreover conducive to management and organization of work more efficient.

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Tanker business continue to expand at a rapid rate taking advantage of new technologies. Cost of operation is getting higher and the operation more complex. Advancements in industrial technology, changes in business models and tighter regulatory constraints necessitate closer monitoring, more remote control and maintenance of equipment, and more offloading of tasks and personnel from worldwide locations. . As technology evolved, people and enterprise wanted to use these new technology to safeguard their asset and keep their operation cost low. These trends greatly increase demand for capacity for a better tracking communication system. Our company recognise the need for a much more cost-effective solution to help enterprise on their daily operation as compare using traditional satellite communications tracking.

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SmartComm developed an integrated solution for Fuel Monitoring on Stationary & Mobile Tanks that can be retrofitted to any industry standard flow meters and pumps.  In its most basic form the Drivers / users need to tap / swipe a smart card on a panel, which will allow them to fill the diesel. The system captures the total fuel pumped-in by the Driver / user and transfers it to an administration Server. Optionally Vehicles may also be fitted with additional smart card and Drivers could be asked to key-in security PIN code in order to start the pump.

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SmartComm design, supply, testing and commissioning of a temperature and humidity system on a pharmaceutical Warehouse. Our proposed solution has been engineered to provide users with a feature-rich and robust system while retaining its simplicity in its maintenance, setup and commitment to further enhance the quality service for our customer. Our proposal comprises of the complete solution from the ready hardware to the backend monitoring coupled with various sensor to meet the requirement and proposes for the whole temperature and humidity system.

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Video Analytic Solution is a real-time video analytics engine that utilizes advanced image processing algorithms to turn video into actionable intelligence. At the core of the product is an advanced object tracking engine that continually tracks moving and stationary targets. The tracking engine features built-in robustness to environmental nuisance conditions such as changing illumination, moving foliage, rippling water, etc.

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