Taxi / Bus / Truck Fleet Management Solution



  • Modular Structure Software architecture
  • Uses Digital Map/GIS Engine with Geo-coordinates for use at Call center
  • Uses OTA (Over the Air) command interface with Mobile Units
  • Customer defined reports and Ad-Hoc reporting utilities
  • Automatic Location of the Taxis on the Digital Map
  • GSM-GPRS/GSM-SMS/iDEN/VHF network Interface supporting low cost, reliable communication Infrastructure


  • Multi Windows tracking system for monitoring region/area wise across the call center
  • Automatic Location finder to select the location of the caller with their address/road name details
  • Auto Radial search for locating nearest Taxis configurable in terms of Distance in meters



  • Panic Button for Emergency singal.
  • Two Way Voice communication system with Driver and Call center
  • Personal Navigation System for the Driver


  • Fleet Operators
  • Car Rental Companies
  • Taxi Services
  • Security Solution Providers
  • ASP Service Providers
  • Police Car Fleet
  • Ambulance & Health Care
  • And Many More…



Taxi Dispatch System Operation Scenario

  1. All incoming calls received by the Call Center personnel.
  2. The moment the calls are received , it would be clocked & logged at the call center
  3. When the calls are answered by the call agent, the calls deemed completed.
  4. When the calls are not answered after certain rings (programmable) the calls considered dropped calls.
  5. Subscribe to Telco (Service Provider.. SingTel, Celcom) for Dropped call report for detail analysis
  6. An daily, weekly and monthly reports are generated with the logged call against the dropped calls for detail analysis.

Process Flow :

  1. Call received by the Operator
  2. Address (road name or Location or POI) is entered
  3. Address is used as location data and the same is located on the map.
  4. All the Taxis (Un-flagged) around the pre-defined radius search (in meter) are identified
  5. Automatically message sent to selected taxis with the destination address.
  6. An Taxi which accepts the reservation is identified and immediately acknowledges to the Driver
  7. An Estimation on the duration in mnts required to reach from Taxi position to reach customer is made using the Speed of the vehicle,
    Best possible route and traffic conditions (optional)
  8. The notifications on the Taxi details are Informed to the end customer.

** The Whole process is recorded as the total call waiting for customer

Customer Waiting Time for Taxi to Reach Customer

  1. Customer is informed about the taxi details
  2. Estimated time of arrival
    • Option 1: This is calculated using the nearest route from the system
    • Option 2: Based on the Selection made by the Taxi Driver. There would be different buttons programmed for different timings, say 5mnts, 10mnts so on
  3. Taxi arrives and picks up the customer.
  4. Taxi Flagging is ON
  5. The duration from the time of the Taxi Dispatch notification and the start of Hire is recorded as the Total waiting time for the customer

Taxi Dispatch System Benefits

  • Monitoring the Errant driving behavior with close monitoring on vehicle movement, Stoppage reports, Ignition On etc on the selected Taxis
  • Close monitoring on Speed Driving, auto triggering event based systems
  • Accident Analysis system to provide details of the car in motion seconds before accident.
  • Options for Emergency button, backup battery, vehicle maintenance & inspection notification, etc…are available
  • Scheduling and reporting on the customized reports

Call Answer Rate

  • Measurement in % against all the incoming calls which are successfully answered..

Call Waiting Time for Dispatch

  • Measurement in Seconds before the calls are answered

Call Waiting Time

  • Measurement in minutes of duration after confirming taxi for dispatch

Customer Waiting Time for Taxi to Reach Customer.

  • Measurement in Minutes to pick up the customer.

Call Completion Rate

  • Measurement in % of successful Cater rate