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4G Smart Body Worn Camera Model: BC310D

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Product brief introduction

BC310D is an innovatively developed 4G smart body worn camera, it is upgraded version of BC310. This BWC supports full internet network connectivity includes 4G/Wifi/AP private network. It is equipped with a visual dispatch management platform and can realize remote live video broadcast, cluster intercom, real-time location, wireless image transmission, etc.

BC310D uses Android 12 operating system, a high-performance 8-core processor, a 3.1-inch touch screen, and three front and rear cameras. It has the functional advantages of smooth operation, safe and stable operation, and fast operation.


  1. Functional advantages
    • Android system: 8-core 0GHz high-performance and low-power processor, Android 12 smart operating system;
    • Touch screen: Equipped with 1-inch narrow-bezel IPS high-definition display, multi-point capacitive touch screen, and supports glove mode;
    • Customized lens: 3 front and rear cameras, ultra-high-definition 2K recording, AF auto-focus, high-definition lossless shooting at any angle;
    • Video compression: 264/H.265 high-definition encoding;

` Infrared night vision: The photosensitive sensor automatically switches to infrared mode, and the outline is clear within 15 meters;

  • Full connectivity: 4G cat7 signal, dual-band Wifi signal, AP private network, etc.;
  • Gravity sensor: After the law enforcement instrument is hit by a collision or falls to the ground, it can trigger the acceleration sensor and start automatic recording;
  • Satellite positioning: built-in GPS/ Bidou/GLONASS accurate real-time positioning, and equipped with geo-fence and track &trace, recording and search functions;
  • Software platform: Equipped with a visual scheduling management platform, supporting 28181 International,WebRTC and more functions can be realized through the 4G platform:
  1. Video live broadcast: The system background can directly access the real-time high-definition video of the law enforcement instrument, with small delay and high speed, which is helpful for the command center to grasp the dynamics ahead;
  2. Wireless file upload: audio and video data can be remotely uploaded to the server through network signals;
  3. Cluster intercom: Extra-largePTT button, 500,000 -time lifespan, supports terminal-to-terminal, terminal-to-group, and temporary group intercom;
  4. Mobile APP direct connection: connect to law enforcement instruments through smart terminals such as mobile phones and tablets;
  5. Management functions: attendance management, system logs, big data analysis, equipment management, user management, remote upgrade, etc.;
  6. Information delivery: text or picture information can be directly delivered to the terminal
  7. S0S function: SOS one-click alarm
  8. System compatibility: Web applications, PC applications, Android/iOS applications, etc.;
    • Battery: 3200mAh rechargeable lithium battery, single battery charging ≦ 2 hours, single battery can video recordcontinuously for 10 hours, turn on 4G video for more than 6 hours, when replacing the battery, it will not be powered within 5 minutes to ensure complete evidence collection, full battery flight mode Standby time can reach more than 1000 hours;
    • Dedicated base: equipped with a dedicated charging base, which can upload data while charging;
    • Protection: Two-color mold process, IP68 level, waterproof and dustproof, can survive a total of 30 drops from any 6 sides within 2 meters without damage;
    • External devices: Supports external cameras, intercom headset cables and more.



















  1. Key Description




  1. Product specification

Basic parameters

Main processor

MTK MT6769 12nm 8core processor 2.0GHz high-speed and low-power processor

Operating system

Android 12 operating system

Video compression

H.264/H.265 HD encoding


Real time AES256 encrypted video audio file into BWC local storage

Lens module

Front FF camera: OV4689 F/NO=2.2 ; field of view D=128 ° H=119 °   Distortion <9%
Optional FF starlight night vision: SC230AI F/NO=1.88 Field of view D=135 ° H= 110 ° Distortion <18%Front secondary AF camera: Sony 13M;
Rear FF camera: Gekowei 5M ;


2GB RAM+16GB Flash standard configuration   Optional (2+256 4+256)

Display / touch screen

3.1-inch IPS screen 480 (RGB) *800, narrow bezel + multi-points touch screen


15*25mm 1.5W BOX high power waterproof speaker

I/O interface

USB TYPE C interface, can be connected to external cameras, video output cables, headphone cables, etc.


Built-in GLONASS/GPS combined positioning + AGPS, supports Beidou/ Galileo

Support indoor location through LBS

Photosensitive sensor

Standard configuration, used to detect ambient light and control the automatic turning on and off of infrared lights.

Motion sensor

Acceleration sensor (standard), supports gyroscope (optional)

Storage card

Built-in MicroSD card slot, support maximum 512GB MicroSD card


Support 802.11b/g/ac dual-band Wi-Fi, 2.4GHz+5GHz

Bluetooth /NFC

Built-in Bluetooth 5.0, standard NFC, can read ID card information

Function parameter

Video resolution

2048*1024/30FPS, 1920*1080/30FPS, 1280*720/30FPS, 640*480/30FPS

Photo pixels

8 million, 13 million, 32 million, 42 million

Infrared night vision

70% of the effective area within the viewing angle range of 5 meters, and the viewing distance is 15 meters

Video recording function

Support 10 seconds pre-recording and video capture
Camera function Supports continuous shooting, automatic white balance, 8x digital zoom

Distortion correction

Horizontal 119 degrees, vertical correction in both directions, distortion less than 9%

Local playback

Supports local playback, and can adjust the progress bar through the touch screen to play at will

Important Event mark

Documents recorded by BWC cameras can be highlighted by this important event mark

Overlay information

Device serial number + police information, year, month, day, hour, minute and second, location information embedded into video

Remote control function

Multiple remote control recording methods, remote control through mobile APP, voice remote control



Replaceable high voltage battery: 3200mAh

Charging method

Can be charged by AC Adapter /PC-USB auxiliary charging / car USB, with fast charging function, 5V/2A charging

Built-in battery

Built-in small battery 50mAh, support battery replacement without shutting down for continue working for 5 minutes

Video Record time

The default working time of a single battery can last for more than 10 hours of continuous video recording, and if turning on 4G live video streaming, BWC battery can last for more than 6 hours of continuous video recording time.

Airplane mode can standby for 1000 hours, battery fully charging time 2 hours

Energy saving mode

Automatically shut down the screen and enter power saving mode if no operation is performed within 3 minutes

Physical Parameters

Appearance craftsmanship

Two-color mold technology, soft rubber buttons, with button movement limitation design

Mechanical specifications

Dimension: 96mm*60mm*20.5mm        Weight: 188g

Protection level

IP68, can survive a total of 30 drops from any 6 surfaces within 2 meters without damage.

ESD electrostatic

Contact ±8KV, air ±10KV

Working environment

Working Temperature: -30 to 55 ℃, relative humidity: 40% to 80%

Storage environment

Storage Temperature: -40 to 60 ℃, relative humidity: 93% (40 )

Disclaimer: Since product are constantly upgraded, if there is any difference between the above content and the actual product, please refer to the actual product. This information is for reference only.




  1. Packinglist


Product Item





4G BWC (Optional: internal MicroSD card 32/64/128/256/512GB)




Power adapter 5V/2A Charging




Dedicated charging base





Removable backup battery




USB Data cable




Shoulder / Pocket clip




User’s Guide




Packaging Carton box (No logo)