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Security 4.0

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  • It is a combination 1, or 2, or 3 or 4 fixed whole scene lens + 1 PTZ 360 degree cameras in one body
  • Auto smooth 3D track and 3D zoom in to capture human face and extract face image into specific folder(include front and side human face)
  • Work with face reorganization backend software to identify human particulars
  • Deep Learning AI technology built-in firmware, system will not affect by environment
  • Self Learning AI technology will not track human shadow, half body, and moving vehicles, can just focus on human face
  • 30x Optical Zoom to support max 70 to 100 meters face capture working distance
  • Super clear color video and human face image even in NIGHT (work in super low lux environment)
  • Auto Wiper to work in heavy raining days
  • IR Distance up to 200 meters in Night
  • Can support multiple same model camera to build up auto human tracking network
  • Super Smart and Accurate AI technology to reduce operator daily manual working time
  • Mainly use for building security , public safety and stationary mounting