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Transport 4.0

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As the technology for heavy vehicles is becoming more advanced, the physical volume of these vehicles is becoming larger resulting in a larger blind spot for them as well. Hence, the driver is potentially more likely to get involved into traffic accident and this situation is also applicable to all other models of heavy vehicles and machinery.

  • Heavy Vehicle Blind Zone, Potential Traffic Accident

360° Bird View Camera System

Many people believe, heavy vehicles’ cab is built at a higher position and there is no limitation for visual angle. In fact, higher cab position would only make it harder for the driver to pay attention to objects / people closer to that heavy vehicle. Basically, heavy vehicles use front wheels to turn right / left, so when heavy vehicles are turning right / left, their front and back wheels are not on the same track. This is why, in Singapore, the most deadly blind zone is on the left.

With 360°All-Round Recorder with the application of the internationally leading algorithm to this system, which uses 4 cameras and could completely achieve the birds eye view without any blind spots to the vehicle. This system is the first system, which could show the all-round view of heavy vehicles longer than 12 m and eliminate all blind zones around the vehicles, so as to provide safer and more convenient services to the drivers.

Drivers are able to view real-time 360° video of his vehicle, which has more than 250 m2 area, and also have the ability to do a 4 channel recording simultaneously for safeguarding and preparation of accident dispute. It is also more convenient for the motorcade manager to manage all his drivers. Through the integrated system, the cameras can be increased to 7 units, with out-vehicle 4 cameras and in-vehicle 3 cameras, so as to maximize the performance of all view recording.

The system is also capable to connect to a 4G network and makes it possible for companies to check real-time monitoring videos from back-end at any time as it is equipped with a built in GPS system with trace back and tracking function.

360° Bird View System caters best to the following scenarios such as side and reverse parking, narrow road/lane, Slope sections, Blind spots coverage, Turning assist, Security & Surveillance and Crowded Road.


  • Enhance visual alert on the surrounding area
  • Operator able to react swiftly to react to the hazard around with visual aid
  • Create awareness of obstructions at blind spots
  • Prevent accidents and casualties at workplace
  • Creates a safe working environment
  • Enhance capabilities and confidence in hazard response




Processor AllWiner T2 + FPGA
Camera Sensor 1/3″ COMS AR0130
Camera Resolution 1280 * 720P@30FPS
Interface AHD
Frame Rate 30FPS
Dynamic Range 83.5db
Video Video Interface Aviation Connection
Input/Output Impedance 75Ω
Amplitude Typical 1 Vpp, 1.2Vpp Maximum
Bandwidth 27M
Sampling Frequency 74.25MHz
Resolution 1280 * 720P@30FPS
Signal Standard AHD2.0 (Nextchip)
SND 83.5db
Indicator Lamp/Blinker High Beam Yes
Left/Right Turning Blinker Yes
Reversing Lamp Yes
G-Sensor BM250E Bosch
Recording Bit Rates 5Mbps, 3Gbyte/Hour
Recoprding Media USB Disk/TF Card
Disk Capacity TF Card 32GB SDIO3.0/SDIO2.0
USB Disk 64GB USB2.0
Power Consumption 4-CH DVR+SVM Mode 940mA
Sleep Mode <3mA
Dimension L * W * H 165 * 140 * 35mm (Host Metal Box)
Weight 300g
Environments Normal Working -30C – +85C
Storage -40C – +105C
Relative Humidity 0 – 95%
Voltage Tolerance Working Voltage 9.5V – 36V

The 360° Bird View system is able to monitor the surrounding areas, preventing accidents occurring from blind-spot or viewing limit capability of the driver. This is important and essential as it increases the safety of both the drivers and road users and helps to saves lives as well.

*Example of 360°Bird View System installed on Bus.

*360° Bird View System allows drivers to view any blind-spot and preventing accidents.

*360° Bird View System can be installed on any other heavy vehicles/machinery as well