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Excavator Camera Recorder (Vehicle Monitor DVR Recorder) is a system solution that comprises of CL26 AHD camera and 7” Inch monitor installed on the excavator to provides blind spot view for drivers, provides recorded video and audio footage and encourage safe driving, which helps to prevent accidents.

The 7” Inch monitor provides a clear and wide view for the driver to refer on when they are operating the excavators, with the CL26 AHD cameras that is installed on the back of the excavator, it assists driver when they need to reverse the excavator, making sure that there are no obstacles or people behind them, preventing the risk of an accident. CL26 AHD camera is a rugged, anti-shock, weatherproof and weather resistant device that can withstand the harsh outdoor working environment.

The video recording and playback are stored and retrievable in cases whereby there is a need to view the footage for monitoring and ensuring drivers comply with the safety procedures in the workplace. It helps to reduce time for investigation purposes as the footage will serve as an evidence.

Through the implementation of VR710 – Vehicle Monitor DVR Recorder, users will be able to increase productivity, time efficiency and effectiveness, as there will be lesser manpower and man hours required to complete the work required.

There would also be a decrease on the incidents reported in the workplace with the implementation and use of the Vehicle Monitor DVR Recorder as the system will help and assist the drivers/operators in providing a blind spot view to prevent accidents, creating a safer working environment for the employees.

VR710 solution covers a host of preventive and proactive measures that ensure that the machines are properly managed, maintained and analyzed for efficiency and accountability.


Vehicle Monitor DVR Recorder
** The VR710 Can Be Linked To CL 16 & CL 26 Camera


  • 7″ Display
  • 800 x 480 RGB Resolution
  • 64GB SD Card Data Storage
  • Single/Dual/Quad Image Display
  • Built-in Video Processor
  • SD Card DVR Recorder


  • Provides blind spot view for driver
  • Provides recorded video and audio footage
  • Provides safe driving and helps to prevent accidents

CL16 AHD Caneras

  • Waterproof
  • 720p AHD Camera
  • Durable Lens

CL26 AHD Cameras

  • Waterproof
  • 720p AHD Camera
  • Sunroof COver