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Trailer / Chassis Tracking

Transport 4.0

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The Trailer ID is a compact device for monitoring a trailer’s location and connectivity.

Trailer Status

Monitors site arrival or departure time and the time spent at a specific site.


Monitors the semi-trailer while it’s disconnected from the truck, indicating the beginning and end date and time, the location and total duration time a vehicle was running but motionless.


Monitors the activity/inactivity period, how many kilometers were driven from start to stop, and the total time the vehicle was in operation.

Speed Alert

Generates real-time alerts when vehicles/groups of vehicles exceed the preset speed parameter. This feature helps you maintain a good safety record by keeping you aware of how your trailers are being handled on the road

  • Know where your trailers are at all times, to help improve scheduling and routing.
  • Reduces the risk of misplacement and cost of recovery.
  • Automatically adjusts transmission rates
  • Trailer tracking helps you eliminate equipment and driver downtime.
  • Trailer tracking allows maintenance personnel to easily find & service your resources.
  • Reduces trailer wear and maintenance costs.
  • Increases security on precious or hazardous materials.
  • GPS positioning on the actual trailers.
  • Alerts if the trailer power is disconnected.


Fleet managers can easily monitor which trailer is connected to which vehicle within the fleet, or whether a trailer is even connected.