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VCA is a real-time video analytics engine that utilizes advanced image processing algorithms to turn video into actionable intelligence. At the core of the product is an advanced object tracking engine that continually tracks moving and stationary targets. The tracking engine features built-in robustness to environmental nuisance conditions such as changing illumination, moving foliage, rippling water, etc.

VCA is a generic name for a suite of analytics products that include:

  • VCAp: continually tracks moving and stationary targets and generates real-time alerts of object presence in multiple overlapping detection zones.
  • VCAs: continually tracks and classifies moving and stationary targets and features a full suite of rule-based filters including: enter, exit, appear, disappear, stopped objects, directionality constraints, object counting, loitering, object type and object speed. Multiple filters are supported on any combination of multiple overlapping detection zones.
  • VCAp: includes all of the features of VCAs, in addition to an advanced people tracking engine optimized for tracking people in cluttered indoor scenes such as retail scenarios. Includes specific high-accuracy counting functions optimized for use in busy scenes.

Object Speed

Enable the object speed rule on the selected zone by checking the Speed Filter box in the properties inspector. Adjust the lower and upper speed limits to suit the detection scenario.

Objects that travel within the bounds of the configured speeds, through a zone or over a line trigger the rule and raise an alarm.

Note: that the camera must be calibrated for this function to be available.

Counting Line

A counting line is a detection filter optimized for bi-directional object counting (e.g. people or vehicles) in busier detection scenarios. Examples of such applications may include:

  • People counting with overhead cameras in a retail environment.
  • Vehicle counting with overhead cameras on public highways.

The counting line filter is only enabled when the unit has been configured with a VCAretail license, and typically will generate a higher accuracy count than using the counters provided as part of VCAs.

Note: The maximum number of counting line filters that can be applied per video channel is 5.

Enabling the Counting Line

Enable the counting line filter on a detection line in the desired direction(s) by checking the appropriate box in the properties inspector. An event is generated every time an object crosses the line in the selected direction. If multiple objects cross the line together, multiple corresponding events are generated. The events generated by the counting line can be tied to counters in the normal manner.

Assigning Counters to Counting Lines

A counting line by itself simply generates events when an object to be counted is detected. In order to actually count the events, counters (one for each direction) can be created and configured to count the events generated by the line. To create counters,